Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Animals gone wild

I never really thought about the derivation of the word "escapade", but when I needed a name for this blog, and the reason for the blog arose from listening to people talk about their personal experiences with their own escaping animals; well then, 'animal escapades' became clear and all encompassing. "Clear" because while we consider most animals on the wrong side of the fence as escaping, I am sure the animal just considers itself somewhere preferable for the moment...the "grass is always greener..." concept. "All encompassing" because, from my experience, the horse is the animal most likely to be called by its owner a "Houdini"; yet, in the past few weeks, I have been corrected by llama, alpaca, goat and dog owners - horses do not have the market on escapades. Why stop with these animals? I am certain mules and donkeys can be just as nimble. Of course, monkeys and orangutans also come to mind. Thus, the purpose of the blog - to record the affectionate and oftentimes hilarious stories of animals gone wild - because, as owners, I think many of us secretly admire the determination of some animals to get to the other side...

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